What's WildBase all about?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Adventure is powerful! It has the ability to positively impact lives and create great things; memories, freedom, laughter, friendship.

Over the past 15 years or so I’ve experienced some really big adventures, which have had a tremendous impact on me, such as rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been on a few organised trips such as climbing Mount Kinabalu (Borneo) and Mount Kilimanjaro (Kenya/Tanzania); I’ve taken on a few well-trodden adventures such as hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc (Europe) and the Yorkshire Three Peaks (UK); and thrown myself into many smaller, low-key, self-designed challenges, including cycling the length of the UK, kayaking across Scotland and running the lengths of tube lines in London.

One of my favourite adventures (ever) was spending 10 days in the Lake District (UK) climbing the 10 highest peaks and completing a lap of the 10 biggest lakes, all whilst carrying awkward, heavy items such as car tyres, sledgehammers, kettlebells and sandbags. It was self-designed, very few people knew about it, it was tough and it was brilliant. It gave me the chance to explore a beautiful part of the world, discover mountains and lakes that I’d seen in photos, test myself physically and most importantly, it proved that you can create adventure anywhere and everywhere.

All of these trips were amazing and memorable in their own ways. And the common theme across all of them? They all kept me coming back for more.

Too often in conversations about some of the trips I’d been on people would reply with “oh I could never do that because of [insert reason/excuse…money/time/commitments etc.]. This got me thinking…there had to be a way to make adventure more accessible and this is where the idea for WildBase came from.

The WildBase mission

We want to help people to live a little bit more adventurously. We want to help people create great stories and memories of exploring, hiking, climbing, swimming, cycling, rowing, sailing, camping and running or whatever it might be (my adventure definition).

To do this, we want to:

· Inspire you to take on their own adventure by sharing inspiring stories of adventure from all over the world through our blog, podcast, and challenges page.

· Help you prepare for your adventure by connecting you with WildBase ambassadors who’ve done something similar and by sharing information on training, logistics, routing, kit selection etc.

· Support you to actually do your adventure

· Share stories and encourage to share your adventures with us

We understand that people have different motivations for wanting to go on adventure, for example there are people who thrive on the challenge of big expeditions, there are those who are story tellers and love documenting their travels, some people love the physical element of a challenge and others want to experience something new. There are also those who are raising awareness and/or funds for charity and people who want to use adventure as a catalyst for positive change in their life.

Whatever your motivation, we want WildBase to be a community and platform to help you live a little more adventurously.

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