Fancy an adventure triathlon in Pakistan?

Usman bin Omar and a great team are on a mission to inspire the next-generation of Pakistani triathletes and to make triathlon in Pakistan more accessible.

They're also forging ahead with a unique, super cool adventure triathlon in the Karakoram mountains. Their inaugural event was in 2019 and there are big plans ahead.

Tri-Pakistan might just be the perfect event for anyone looking for something a little off the beaten.

We caught up with Usman to find out more about Tri-Pakistan.

Tri-Pakistan sounds fantastic. Can you give us an overview of what it’s all about?

Tri-Pakistan is an adventure triathlon currently in the Karakoram mountains of Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan, that aims to combine a physical challenge with elements of social impact.

What inspired you to set it up?

I have always loved seeking out adventure in new places, and initially, this was an excuse to connect with like-minded individuals and take them on a journey to a place that I came to love; Gilgit Baltistan.

How was the first ever event in 2019?

There was a real sense of ownership from our local partners, which was a rather joyful moment as we felt there was something that was right in doing this with our partners. We had 20 participants take part in various categories; Olympic, Sprint, Relay and 10km run.

Everyone loved the atmosphere and personal approach to each participant's journey.

What’s your ambition for Tri Pakistan? Will it become an annual race and a permanent fixture on the triathlon circuit?

The aim is to have a series of triathlons that take place across Pakistan and lead up to this race in the mountains.

Alongside this goal, we want to increase participation in each discipline of triathlons, we want to increase our engagement with local communities and partners that host us.

It is essential that we give back to the communities that help us make this a reality but doing it in a manner that is sustainable and has a lasting impact.

It may not be an ITU fixture but it may well become part of an adventure triathlon circuit.

How can people get involved and find out more?

• Registrations are open for 26 July 2020.

• We are also on the lookout for volunteers for the weekend.

• You can find out more on

Also check out Tri Pakistan on Instagram and Facebook.


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