• Fred Newton

Top 5 UK Adventures On A Budget

Here are five covid and wallet friendly UK adventures to try as the days get shorter.

1) Hike your nearest hill

The change in season gives some stunning autumn and winter days. Unless you live in East Anglia (sorry folks), you will be in an hour if not less of finding a hill of good size. This is a handy map for finding some sizeable hills near you

2) Go for a night walk

Take a torch and go for walk at night. Noises are amplified at night and you might hear foxes, deer and owls. Or walk under a full moon where you won't need a torch, the next full moon will be on Halloween.

3) Sit out in the rain.

Who made this weird? With an umbrella and/or raincoat – hearing the rain patter down is a magical part of our natural world. Breathe in deep and smell the scents unleashed by the rainfall and the quietness of people staying in doors.

4) Go for a dip

The water is bracing but even more inevroriating for a dip. In need of a push? The winner of the Wildbase Film Festival, Hanna Maia swam every month for a year. Her film here.

Link to Wild Swimming UK's helpful map for suggested spots

5) Have a fire

Combine your wild swim with a driftwood fire on the beach. Driftwood can take a while to burn to stake some firelighters with you or bring a sack of dry wood down and leave no trace.

Other ideas? We would love to hear some, drop us a note on hello@wildbase.co.

#Dislaimer – Wildabse accepts no liability for any of these ideas suggested. Activities are undertaken at your own personal risk and should be done so within the boundaries of what you are comfortable with.


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