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The Only Film Festival in Town

According to Wikipedia there are hundreds of annual film festivals dotted around our beautiful planet, from Martha’s Vineyard to Shanghai Queer to the down under Dungog Film Festival with a tagline of “Food, Film and Fresh Air” … ohhhhh, I like the sound of that.

Alas for this year the red carpets have been pulled up at pretty much all of them.

Even the daddy of all film festivals at Cannes has been forced to put away the McQueen frocks and wait out Covid-19 like the rest of us.

Thank goodness then for WildBase and the forthcoming “Online Adventure Film Festival” - taking place at an audio visual screen near you on Wednesday 29th April 2020.

A must attend event for those of us itching to hit the Sierra / Ocean / Mountain / Tarmac (*Delete as appropriate) but restrained, restricted and frankly going bonkers due to the present unfortunate circumstances.

It will also be jolly entertaining for those permanent couch potatoes feeling very ‘en vogue’ about themselves at the moment.

Not only will we be showing some wonderful short films from a range of great adventure film makers, but we’ll be asking you to briefly put down the popcorn and vote for your favourite.

Let’s face it, it’s the most fun you’re going to have in April 2020 and as all proceeds go to The Trussell Trust you can feel better about yourself at the same time!

To give you a flavour of the cinematic magic we’ll be using to tease you away from Tiger King, here are some of the films being prepared for your delectation...

More in the pipeline and please get in touch if you are someone, or know of anyone, who’d like to get involved.

BTW...If you know of sponsors willing to support my 2021 world tour of every global film festival, please get in touch. Dungog will be my starting point.

In the meantime, join us on the 29th.


Wednesday 29th April 2020, 1900 (BST)

Buy your tickets here.


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