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The Day the Quiz Died

Updated: May 31, 2020

I’ve been involved in multiple start ups and almost as many adventures, so I’m able to bring some authority to the measurement of commonalities between both ….

Uncertainty, excitement, trepidation, achievement, failure, isolation, some wins, some lows, community, discomfort and ultimately one hopes, a satisfaction that you did it despite everything.

They both test and tease and frustrate and exhaust and motivate, often within the same day, sometimes within the same hour.

And both can become dangerously addictive.

So when launching WildBase we created a combination of both, a truly adventurous start up and one for whom the ‘comfort zone’ is an anathema. Never more so than when we launched the WildBase Adventure Zoomcast last Weds evening, 27th May 2020.

Whilst this was technically our first zoomcast, there were some antecedents.

In April and as an attempt to lift the lockdown gloom for our community of coiled up adventurers, we created the WildBase Adventure Film Festival.

This 2 hour feast of the visually fabulous, delivered via Zoom, proved such a success that we immediately reserved date for our 2nd film festival (27th February 2021, as you were asking) and buoyed with excited momentum decided to launch a monthly Adventure Zoomcast from May.

The key difference was that the film festival was hoisted aloft by the magnificent films.

We were just props and fillers.

A monthly event was a different beast in that we had to create a format of ever moving entertainment and insight. We are many things but we’re not Simon Cowell, we don’t create entertainment formats.

But that start up / adventure DNA kicked in and we decided to run with it.

We anchored the event around two magnificent guests and friends of WildBase, Jo Moseley and James Ketchell, who helped launch our new interview series called, ‘Desert Island Risks’.

We included another fabulous short film (so many of them out there) with ‘Chasing Monsters’.

But the rest was down to us and if I were to award ourselves a mark, I'd say B+.

Did pretty well, still room for improvement.

The one item that died was our online adventure quiz.

The community reaction was akin to taking a MAGA hat to the New York Times christmas party.

Not positive.

It felt like a great idea on the drawing board but it was over engineered, didn’t work well on tablets or mobiles and completely broke the flow of great insight and guests.

As our 6 questions sat on screen with barely a flicker of interest from any of our attendees, Captain Ketch stepped into the silence …. “Without risk you’re not going to get anything worth having, and that prize is worth having”. Still nothing shifted the quiz dial.

Eventually an old pal of mine felt pity and hastily submitted the correct answers …. Enabling us to move on and pretend it never happened.

Otherwise we had a ball and plan to repeat the event on a monthly basis.

We will be making some changes to the format including a new co-host, much excitement at WildBase HQ about that.

So please book your tickets for Adventure Zoomcast 2 on Weds 24th June 2020, 1900 BST.

Be great to see you but please don’t turn up and say ... “We’re only here for the quiz”


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