• andrew

My morning routine...in a time of lockdown

Here in Madrid I have been in lockdown all week.

My morning schedule has fallen into a familiar routine

  1. Wake early due to the sound of no traffic

  2. Choose which new T-shirt to wear with these shorts

  3. Make sure I turn on slack before colleagues

  4. Look at Twitter

  5. Retire back to bed with coffee and coco pops

  6. Living room exercises, stretches and waving to those doing same in flat opposite

  7. Look at Twitter

  8. Check our analytics, emails, social media

  9. Look at Twitter again

  10. Avoid shaving so rest of team in non-lockdown witness obvious hardships I'm enduring

  11. Go to supermarket and thank staff for being amazing in keeping the shelves stocked

  12. Curse those who woke up earlier and stole all the toilet roll.

  13. Vow not to look at Twitter again

  14. Look at Twitter again

  15. Set six year old gentle home schooling schedule and list of tasks

  16. Set myself tough schedule and list of tasks.

  17. Properly start my day...


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