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The Best Day To Change Your Life (no, really it is ....)

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I have to tell you from the outset, that I’m not a great fan of these spurious best or worst days to do X.

Every year, at least during the gloomy UK winter, there is a day set aside in the middle of January for when people are allegedly most down in the dumps. It’s normally the same people who over ate during Christmas before setting themselves a completely bonkers set of new year resolutions. You know the type of list ...

1. lose 20% of my BMI 2. meet my soulmate 3. finally discover my G spot

But then as inevitably as night follows day, by the nth of January they’ve failed miserably on all counts and have gone back to hating themselves whilst declaring that...“new year's resolutions are for people with no willpower ... I’m in this for the long run”.

Today, in fact just now, I discover via LinkedIn an article that headlines with “according to UK Research, January 31st is the best day to leave your job”.

As I dig a little deeper I find that most of the people spinning (and commenting) on this clickbait yarn are recruitment agents, who coincidentally enough also fail to note the source of their “UK Research” however maybe there is a kernel of truth in all this.

Maybe it’s the same people who fell into that trough of despair just 2 weeks earlier. It took them 2 weeks to climb out of their stupor and appreciate it might need more than just a few pissed up resolutions, to drive fundamental change into their lives.

But why January 31st?

Does February bring new opportunities and horizons unseen by the other 11 months? I suspect the timing might have more to do with those end of year financial targets for Mr Recruiter, and his need to agitate a few resignations and that magical call (please say the next few words with The Beatles in mind) ..... “help, we need somebody ...”

I haven’t been employed for some time, probably have moved into the realms of long term unemployable. But what if I did have a job that I wanted to leave, what would be the first thing I’d do when I left? Let down the bicycle tyres of my tyrannical line manager? Jump from the frying pan of one shit job into the fire of another? Or maybe, just maybe, think to myself what a great opportunity to do something completely different.

How about finding a job that means something, that gives me a greater sense of purpose. Maybe this is the moment to strike out myself and become my own boss, start a business and commit to changing a small part of the world on my own terms.

Our great friends at Escape The City have some views on both those options. But before all that noble, purpose driven stuff takes over, how about first doing some thing that really takes you outside your comfort zone?

How about taking on a physical challenge and adventure you never thought yourself capable of before, and certainly not whilst in that tedious job which those altruistic recruiters have nudged you to leave.

As my old pal Luke says .... “nothing in my life away from family, can compare with the experience and sense of achievement in preparing for and completing my Atlantic row. It was truly life changing and nothing should be getting in the way of you considering something that has the same impact for you”.

Here at WildBase, we specialise in helping people take a leap into challenges they assumed was beyond them, but they assumed wrong. We know what it takes to get out of your comfort zone.

We declare February 1st and every other day of your life, official best day “for taking on that life changing adventure”

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