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Evolution of the midlife crisis

The midlife crisis was invented in 1965 and happened to coincide with the arrival of a never ending youth culture, bags of disposable income and the Ferrari 275 GTB.

Early adherents to the midlife crisis would adopt Chelsea Heels, walk like Danny Zuko and awkwardly insert the word “man” into conversations with anyone below the age of 30.

As the midlife crisis phenomenon developed into a full blown industry, proponents recommended greater ambition.

It was no longer sufficient to just blow cash on a red sports car, soon you were dating someone your daughter's age, finishing an Ironman, collecting a hernia and speed dialling your drug dealer.

As we moved into the new millennia the news got worse. Now the Midlifer had to compete for media real estate with the millennial and their newly discovered Quarter Life Crisis.

As night follows a day, personal coaches follow a crisis, and the internet is now awash with an army of self appointed gurus queuing up to provide Mr struggling libido with tips and strategies about to deal with his trauma.

[NB: I’m aware of the need for gender balance but to be blunt, a midlife crisis for men is much easier for me to write about as I’m a bloke, in the mid life and … well, I’m writing on behalf of a friend]

Where was I, oh yes the failed 2nd hand car salesman who emerges as a ‘Keynote Speaker’ on the male menopause and always has a few key tips up his sleeve ...

  1. Definitely acknowledge you’re in a crisis.

  2. Get professional help, preferably an open ended commitment to me

  3. Volunteer, the world is desperate for male neediness

But what is midlife anyway these days?

With increasing life expectancy and cost effective hair transplants, it’s been extended into age profiles that until recently were viewed as #ancientlife.

A crisis is a crisis to the individual at whatever age they hit a wall and for whatever reason. When the shit hits the fan, it has no respect for your neatly packaged criteria or societal expectations.

And what’s at the core of a life crisis?

Often sparked by a major life incident, that alerts us to something bigger than the routine we've drifted into. For many it becomes a question of finding greater purpose, contentment, happiness.

And expectations about purpose have changed but so too have the opportunities out there to find it.

It shouldn’t need a crisis for you to challenge what your life looks like. You no longer have to accept the roles or expectations of the past. You can change career more easily, take more risks, live more flexibly and strive for the optimal life experience.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Never more so than now.

Having a midlife crisis?

Ditch the therapist, Find your adventure.

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