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Desert Island Risks (#1)

Thank you to Jo Moseley and James Ketchell for taking part in our inaugural #desertislandrisks, a quickfire adventure Q&A.

We didn’t give them the time they fully deserved but here are some of their answers.

Jo Moseley aka @healthyhappy50

What was your favourite adventure?

Paddleboarding 162 miles coast to coast for the #2minbeachclean, #thewaveproject and picking up litter

What was your riskiest adventure?

Night diving in hammerhead waters off the phillipines.

What’s the next trip planned?

Paddleboarding up the coast of North Yorkshire and down again and picking up some litter

Who would be your dream adventure companion?

Definitely paddleboarding with Cal Major

What are the tunes you choose when adventuring?

I don’t listen to music when paddleboarding, I prefer to listen to the sounds around me. When I’m training it’s Dolly Parton and “try”

What’s the 1st piece of kit you pack?

My water bottle

What’s the 1st post lockdown adventure planned?

It’s tomorrow and I’ll be heading up to a reservoir in the Yorkshire Dales for some paddleboarding



James Ketchell aka @captainketch

What was your favourite adventure?

I’d have to choose two. First was rowing the Atlantic and then it would be my round the world trip in a gyrocopter.

And your riskiest?

Getting picked up in the Indian ocean by an oil tanker and climbing up via a rope ladder. If I’d have fallen back in that was it.

What is the trip you want to do?

I’m planning a 2023 round the world sail (it was 2022 but coronavirus knocked back my plans) but what makes it extra special is I’ll be joined by some ex young offenders looking to turn their lives around so that’s going to be special

What is the trip you’d never do?

I was contacted once by someone who said that no-one at the time had been on top of the world and into the deepest cave. But that was one too far for me, in that claustrophobic space deep underground.

What tunes do you take trekking with you?

I don’t really listen to music, I tend to listen to podcasts. When I’m going through difficult times I focus on the reason why I’m doing it. What it means to all the people who have helped me and I don’t want to let them down or the charities I’m doing it for. That’s what motivates me.

Dream adventure partner?

I have two, one living, one dead.

Living would be Fedor Konyukhov who very few people know of but in Russia he’s a celebrity. Just google him and see what he’s done.

Then it would be Christopher Columbus who I thought about him and his 80 crew whilst I was rowing across the same Atlantic waters.

What’s your 1st post lockdown trip?

Before this crisis happened I was lining up some cycle trips so as soon as I can get back on a bike I will be cycling to Paris or Utrecht.

Added Bonus : Listen to the podcast we did with James last year.


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