5km everyday for a year? Sure, why not? Let's go!

Meet Rick Dickens, aka Dads Runs, the man running 5km every day in 2020 (1830km), to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research in memory of his good buddy Danny. And 2020 is a leap year so that's one extra day of running 5km.

We came across Dads Runs on Instagram and were immediately struck by the simplicity and power of this challenge and how many people have got behind the challenge so quickly. It's awesome!

In this quick fire q&a, we found out a little bit more about this running streak and how you can get involved. This was written on day 42 of 366. Only 324 days to go...

1. What's the story behind Dads Runs?

Dads Runs is an account I set up towards the end of last year with the plan to raise as many pennies as possible for Franklin's Star. I was hoping to run the London Marathon but unfortunately was unsuccessful like many others in the ballot. I contacted Brain Tumour Research which is the charity that Franklin's Star raises money for to see if they had any places but like with all charity places you have to agree to raise a huge amount of money to enter and most of that is just the fee that the charity have to pay for a place.

I thought the best option for me was to just book a few events myself and then raise a few quid along the way but then the mind started wandering.

I had seen a few people posting about run streaking (not the naked kind) a few miles a day for a sustained length of time and that's when I the 5km a day idea came to fruition.

2. Can you give us a quick flavour of what's involved?

The challenge is to run at least 5km every single day for 2020. No excuses, 5km every single day.

I can run anytime of the day as long as the run is logged within the 24 hours of that day and I've been logging my runs using Garmin Connect and Strava as well as posting them to social media as proof.

3. Were you into running before taking on this challenge?

I've always enjoyed running and I've done a few events in the past from 5km up to ultras, raising pennies for the charity in the past

I've done a half marathon dressed as a mascot, Saltmarsh 75 in two days and The Wall Ultra (68 miles) in a day.

That might make me sounds like a runner...but...I'm by no means a disciplined runner.

The long distance events have almost been blagged as I've always struggled with sticking to long distance event training plans with having two little ones (Barney 7 and Penny 4) and working a Mon-Fri 9-5, weekends are precious and I felt guilty at times for doing long runs.

I'm a firm believer that running is 80% mental and 20% fitness.

4. It looks like people are really getting behind the challenge, which is fantastic to see. How can people find out more and get involved?

I can't believe how many kind people have got in touch to show support for the challenge. I've found that the running community on social media is an amazing place and there's so many like-minded people that want to support each other. A few people have even got in touch about running a 5km with me which is a huge help. I know some people will say "it's just a 5km" but mentally it's a challenge some days getting out there and having others to run with really does make a difference. If you would like to follow my challenge or if you’re in the North West and fancy running a 5km with me you can find me on twitter (@DadsRuns) and on Instagram (@DadsRuns).

5. And finally, after a good 5km run what's better...a big piece of cake or a pint in the pub?

Both..it has to be both :)

Get involved...

If you’d like to support this great challenge for a fantastic cause you can donate to Dads Runs here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dadruns

And, If you want to take part in a virtual 5km, here’s how….

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