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... and Wildbase 360 Weekends are born

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Launching a new business has never been easier but no matter how many times you do it, it’s never that easy.

As our avid readers might recall, Luke and I met and bonded over a shared taste for guinness, comedy and adventure.

Took a few months of flirting before we decided we might like to work together on Wildbase, with a vague idea of inspiring and helping people to take on incredible adventures.

Ideas are fun but useless

But as anyone involved in Start Ups will know, ideas are the easy part.

I have 20 of them a day, and a list of amazing URLs registered on Go Daddy for ideas that never happened …Gardenista, Burger Therapy, Olympic Weekends, Guilty Pintxos, Top 5 [All available now if you want them] ... because executing on those ideas is a rather more challenging process.

In addition to which, life gets in the way.

Babies are born [welcome Jack]

Partners make us relocate to another part of Europe [hello Madrid]

And the day jobs intrude.

Seed of an idea

So for a while we had to focus energies elsewhere, arranging a few ‘ideation lunches' to see if Mr Malbec could help oil the wheels of our creative thinking.

What should Wildbase look like?

What is the purpose?

Who is our target customer? How can we make it fun for us, and WOW for our customers.

We started to circulate around the fringes of the more adventurous side, of the adventure world. A podcast [Salmon Swim Upstream] gave me licence to chat with some amazing people who’ve completed inspiring challenges and gradually, the mist began to clear.

First, we decided to create some expert guides that would help people understand that anything and everything is possible, with a little planning and a lot of hard work.

The guides will focus around particular types of adventure and be written by people who’ve completed the events in question. They're due to emerge within the next few weeks.

Serendipity Strikes

Then my Spanish wife decides to relocate the family to Madrid.

Quite unexpectedly I find myself spending time beneath blue Spanish skies, eating wonderful food and exploring Madrid and the surrounding Castilla-La Mancha.

Serendipity strikes when you least expect it.

WildBase had just started to shift its gaze towards creating adventure retreats when Spain got under my skin.

The perfect land and landscape for super motivational, sun kissed, adventure preparation weekends. We stumbled around looking for the right location before falling in love with a Casa Rural beneath the ruins of Castillo de Zorita de los Canes.

From there the pieces fell into place remarkably smoothly;

- Endurance specialist trainer? Tick, Carlos from Madrid, with just the 5 Ironman events behind him, will be leading the functional training programme,

- Nutritional expert? Tick, Ryan our in-house nutritionist will be joining us from the UK

- In-house chefs to keep delicious food rolling out? Tick, again. From Italy and Bolivia, we bring you Isotta y Andrea.

- Action packed itinerary that will deliver a unique and unforgettable weekend experience?

Well, have a look at the Wildbase 360 itinerary and tick that one for yourself.

We're planning to deliver an amazing 3 day experience that dives into the Psychological, Physical, Nutritional and Logistical requirements for you to take on and complete amazing personal adventures, whatever your background.

- Fascinating people

- Expert insight

- Motivated peers

- Bags of competition

- Oodles of great food

- Accountability buddies

All this whilst you're tucked alongside a curve of the River Tagus enjoying the tranquility of a most delightful Spanish village.

The 1st Wildbase 360 takes place on May 8th and has been discounted for you lucky early adopters.

We’ve told you our history, now it’s time to make your own.

Join us in Spain and come find your adventure.


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