Adventure is Everywhere

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

What do we mean by adventure?

For some, adventure conjures up images of big, heroic endurance epics where brave souls push their bodies and minds to the limit. These are the gargantuan efforts that see people climbing the highest mountains, crossing the largest deserts, sailing the most dangerous seas and exploring the deepest, darkest jungles. These are the adventures that are seen to be for the super human amongst us – those who have the capability, mind-set and resources to dedicate to such risky and taxing undertakings.

For others, adventure is much simpler; camping in the back garden with your kids, going for a local hike or spending a weekend canoeing down a river.

Adventure doesn’t need to be big, bold and daring. You don’t have to free climb the tallest rock face on the planet to do something memorable and inspiring.

If it allows you to experience something new and take you away from the everyday it’s an adventure.

What kind of adventures are out there?

In a world dominated by social media, the world of adventure can sometimes seem a daunting place when so many amazing stories of derring-do are showcased by people who seemingly know what they’re doing. But as we mentioned, adventure can be anything that takes you away from the everyday and allows you to experience something new.

At WildBase, we’ll be sharing ideas and stories from across the adventure spectrum, which broadly fall into these categories; the ‘big ones’, organised events/challenges and self-designed/DIY adventure. Look out for future blog posts where we’ll dig into this in more detail but here is a quick summary of these categories.

The ‘Big One’: An adventure that has the potential to be life changing and genuinely requires dedication, commitment and adequate time to prepare. Think climbing Mount. Everest, trekking to the South Pole or cycling around the world.

Organised adventures: Packaged adventures organised by specialists/companies that allow you to experience an adventure without a lot of the preparation and hassle of getting ready for an adventure. This is a great option if you’re new to adventure and looking to explore somewhere new.

Organised events/challenges: Typically these are endurance events or races (some might fit into the ‘Big One’ category). These will require a lot of preparation, both physical and mental but have the added element of competition and usually slick support (logistics etc.) during the event. Think Marathon des Sables, Baikal Ice Marathon or World’s Toughest Mudder.

Self-designed / DIY: A personal favourite. These adventures can range from a couple of hours to weeks, months or even years. There’s no real formula here but instead a self-designed adventure gives you the freedom to create something special and memorable. Pick a location on a map, pick a mode of transport and get going.

Check out our inspiration page for some of the latest adventures we’ve been on.


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