• Fred Newton

30 Faces Of Lockdown

WildBase recently hosted an online adventure film festival that helped (at least for 2-3 hours) blow away some of those lockdown blues.

We were joined by >230 households across 10 different countries and during the evening we asked people to send in pictures with their most ‘adventurous poses’ ... we kept the instructions at that, allowing those creative juices to interpret as required.

What emerged from this request was a remarkable incubator of adventurous creativity with a collection of fabulous entries and poses being posted onto @wild.base.

It was Luke's toughest call of the night to select the winners but here is a list of the top 30 along with those overall winners who received a range of gifts for their efforts, from our headline sponsors, Montane, Clif Bar and Secret Adventures


1) Adventure Ready

These adventurers seemed very ready to go, always on call for the opportunity?

2) Overall Clif Bar Winner

Netflix inspired entry, well done to our very own Joe Exotic who scooped up first place in the Clif Bar award for this brave effort taming a big cat.

3) Hanging Out In The Bathroom

We loved these bathroom entries. Paddling and swimming through swampy green plants and taking a deep dive into a shallow bath (don't try this at home!).

4) Overall Montane Winner

Battled her way through freezing conditions to make a fridge camp. Luckily fuelled by what looks like 20 litres of milk just before the summit push (thank goodness for online deliveries). Our winner of the Montane award.

5) Young Guns

The younger generation did a brilliant job getting stuck in and awesome to have you join us. A tribute to the next era of great exploration. Well done!

6) Overall Secret Adventures Winner

After a hazardous multi room trek this intrepid explorer made camp in a dense urban jungle that offered little in reward but Netflix, baked beans and the Secret Adventures award.

7) Entries With Fluffy Friends

For all the dog & cat lovers out there, four wonderful entries to share with you. Escaping dog sharks, feeding time, settling down for an evening in the urban jungle and avoiding the attention of a snow leopard.

8) A Different Kind Of Adventure

This intrepid explorer is all ready and packed for a wonderful baby adventure. Best of luck adventuring with the little one!

9) Last But Not Least

A modern Christopher Columbus, a man with a saucepan on his head, some sort of wine induced balancing act and other adventurers. Wonderful entries all.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the evening, we had so much fun that a 2nd Festival is already in the pipeline for February 2021.

In the meantime, WildBase will continue to boot those lockdown blues out into the long grass as we launch a variety of events to entertain, amuse and prepare us all for getting out again.

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Be kind and stay healthy!

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