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Episode 6

An 800 mile solution to sea fright

You're afraid of the sea, so what to do?


If you're Fiona Quinn you go grab a paddleboard and paddle the length of the British coastline and into the record books. Fiona joins us to talk about that and much more, including her new book 'Ignore The Fear' which she describes as "all about cake, whirlpools and dolphins".

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Episode 5

Around the world by sea, cycle and gyro

Captain Ketch has adventure pouring through his veins. Here he talks us through his various amazing trips, what it takes to prepare both physically and financially and why you either do something or, you find an excuse.


Not many excuses in Ketch's locker.


Episode 4

Trail Blazing

Come join a chat with the Sydney Trail Sisters as we talk about their passion for trail running, some important preparation and recovery tips.


Plus, we conclude with Andrew becoming an honorary sister...


Episode 3

The art of mini-adventures

Adventure doesn’t need to be huge. It doesn’t need to involve big chunks of time, preparation, kit and travel.

Adventure is very much on your doorstep, minutes from your desk and being unlocked by people like Fred Newton.

The conversation includes the underlying theme of Escape and how adventure can provide different types of Escape for all of us.


Episode 2

A pan-Andean adventure

Take one whike. One South American continent. One serious detour and two lads straight out of university...


...mix them together and the result?
One amazing Pan-Andean Adventure.


Episode 1

Let's row the Atlantic 

Most people fly the Atlantic. Some people sail the Atlantic.

Luke and Alex rowed the Atlantic. And that doesn't tell half the story. 

For episode 1 of Salmon Swim Upstream we kept it close to home with co-founder Luke sharing his tale of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean with close friend Alex Macdonald. 

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