Membership FAQs

What's included in the 'Be Inspired Memebership Option?

Born To Be WildBase - our weekly newsletter with ideas, articles, inspiration, images. WildBase zoomcast - every month join us for a members only chat with news, views, quizzes, films, prizes, engagement and special guests joining us for ´Desert Island Risks´. Advance invitation - we host at least one event per month. Some are restricted by numbers but as members you get a VIP invite.

What's included in the 'Adventure Planning' option?

Got an adventure in mind? Or have you been inspired by one of the adventure ideas sent to you from our Adventure Generator? If so, for a one-off fee we'll create a bespoke plan to make your adventure come to life including: Adventure Assessment - we'll work with you to understand your experience level and adventure ambitions to tailor a plan that helps you go on your adventure. A detailed itinerary - we'll build a day by day plan including route suggestions, logistics, transport and accommodation options. As well as including other useful resources and tips based on real life experiences. Kit list - we'll provide a recommended equipment and clothing list for your trip.

What's included in the 'Living Adventurously' membership option?

You'll have access to... Adventure recommendations - a monthly set of ideas to get stuck into. The accountability zone - we´re here to help you live more adventurously so we make each other accountable. Salmon Swim Upstream - exclusive interviews with leading adventurers, authors, academics, nutritionists and more. Only available to our paying subscribers. Book club - we look at modern and classic books to reflect and chat with people connected and passionate about them. Books that will inspire and live in the memory. Personal challenge workbook - complete our detailed Q&A and we'll help you create a timeline and a workbook to help you realise your next steps. Community works - gaining from the collective power and insight of an inspiring community, of people like you who want to move outside their comfort zone. Buddy up, kit, wisdom, ideas. Discount on events - receive advanced notice and discounted price against any future events

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