Frequently asked questions

What is the aim of a Wildbase 360 weekend?

We want to inspire people to undertake amazing and potentially life changing physical adventures. Completing an atlantic row or ultra marathon or something completely new, such as whike surfing down south america. You might already have an idea in mind but want to know what’s needed to get you to the start line or you want to do something completely out of your comfort zone but don’t know what or how. Our aim is to create the most amazing, intense, fun weekends where surrounded by amazing, motivated people you decide to go for an event you never before thought possible.

How fit do I need to be?

Whilst this is not an overtly physical type of bootcamp, a reasonable level of fitness will be required to engage to get full enjoyment out of the weekend. Each weekend is different but most will involve a group run, physical training and other competitive elements.
If in any doubt, get in touch with one of our team at

You talk about preparing for major challenges but what kind of adventures do you mean?

Wildbase is focused on helping people take on their next big physical challenge but the step up is clearly down to your previous experience. If you’ve been running 5k or 10k then it might be a marathon. If you’ve done marathons it might be an ultramarathon. Maybe you want to do something completely new like a 48 hour canoe race or cycle the length of the americas. You can arrive at Wildbase 360 with an event already in mind or completely open to what you might do. The weekends on their own are inspiring and highly motivational but, we are always keen on outcomes and our aim is for everyone to leave a Wildbase 360 not only committed to a major event, but accountable to their new Wildbase buddies for completing it.

Is accountability a key benefit of attending a Wildbase 360?

Absolutely. Many of us need a push, some encouragement to go that extra mile. At a Wildbase 360 event you will be amongst some amazing and highly motivated people who will act as your accountability buddies. When you all leave the weekend and commit to something amazing, they will be there to help you get to the start line.

What kind of expertise does the Wildbase team provide?

Huge amount of expertise and insight from different members of our team.

Our co-founder Luke Grose has rowed the atlantic, cycled the length of Britain twice and done more tough mudders and fell runs than he cares to remember.

Other members of the Wildbase team have cycled the world, completed multiple ironman events, run ultramarathons and completed many other incredible challenges.
We also have qualified physical trainers and nutritionists conducting many of the sessions throughout the wwekend.

Last but definitely not least, our professional team of in-house chefs will make sure the quality of food matches the quality of insight.

Where is the Wildbase 360 weekend located?

We have exclusive use of a small hotel in a tiny spanish village called Zorita de los Canes. It's approximately one hour from Madrid but in reality, a world away. The hotel sits beneath an ancient castle ruin and just above the River Tagus. The surroundings are exquisite, very Spanish and a perfect backdrop for some intense fun.

What rooms are available?

Everyone gets their own room with en suite facilities.

Do you accept group bookings?

Yes. If a group or team or company want to undertake a major event, we’re the ideal people to help.

Do you have experience in generating sponsorship and working with charities?

Yes. Our team has experience of working with charities and generating sponsorship. We include a session on these topics.

What happens before the weekend?

Once you’ve signed up we will be in touch to find out more about your background, fitness and ambition. This forms part of the adventure risk assessment we undertake during the weekend itself. We will also confirm who else is attending your weekend and allow you to start making connections in advance of arrival.

What happens after the weekend?

You will be part of an accountability group from the weekend, all of whom will aim to keep you honest and motivated towards your goal. Wildbase will also maintain contact and if you’ve committed to an event, we will provide regular contact and advice.

What if I need to cancel?

Our cancellation timelines are detailed in our terms and conditions though in the event you have to cancel and potentially forfeit some of your fee, we will do all we can to get a replacement for you.

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