WildBase Training Packs

Go on a local adventure

Adventure is everywhere and can be cheap, easy, accessible and lots of fun. 

A guide by WildBase co-founder Luke Grose.

Complete a long-distance cycle

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel and experience the world around us. 

A guide by round the world record-holding cyclist.

Run your first ultramarathon

Completed a few half marathons and the odd marathon? Time to take on an ultramarathon? 

A guide by real trail runners who went from 0 to mega.

Our 'How To' adventure guides are focused on introducing and preparing you for a range of different physical challenges.

Accessing the insight, experience and lessons learned from adventurers and specialists who have completed the adventures covered, the guides provide an expert and extensive breakdown of everything you need to prepare, complete and enjoy the experience.

If the adventure you're looking for isn't listed then get in touch as we probably know someone who can help!

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