Image by McKayla Crump

Adventure Film Festival

In the midst of a global lockdown, over 500 people joined us for the first ever Film Festival. 


And the in December 2020, we were back for an evening of wintry adventure fun with our 'do-good' Winter Adventure Film Festival.


Thank you to everyone who joined and made these two evenings so special. We hope to be back for more soon.   

What people thought...

"Oh my life, thank you so much for putting those together, they are ace! You’ve captured my wild heart with your films" Jacqui

"Events like this are a vital lifeline during this very strange time. I was really impressed by the professionalism, both in organisation, and embodied by the hosts and guest speakers. A real highlight was the way things were interactive, encouraging people to get creative with the camera. The films selected for screening were of a really high standard, worthy of any film festival."  Adam

"It was such an awesome night, I really loved being part of it" Fiona

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