An introduction to WildBase

WildBase are here to help you live a little more adventurously and spend more time outdoors.

No matter how much adventure 'experience' you have or how adventurous you perceive yourself to be we can help you take the next step. 

So whether you're dipping your toe into doorstep adventure challenges or planning to do the adventure of a lifetime, we're here to provide ideas, insight, inspiration and the art of the possible.


WildBase helps you...

  • Discover what adventures and events are out there with the stories of people and organisations doing amazing things. We provide insight through articles, interviews, events and a nudge towards getting outside and challenging yourself.

  • Prepare what is needed to take on that next step challenge or adventure. Our incredible community are truly inspiring, we love them and so will you as they motivate and educate us on how to live more adventurously. 

  • Do it and commit to it. We're here to help you get out there and test yourself, live your life to the maximum. We not only aim to inspire you to take on new challenges but we provide you with support and community that drives personal and collective accountability.



Luke Grose

Yorkshire lad at heart and regularly heading off on adventures, big and small. Big trips include rowing the Atlantic, cycling length of the UK (twice), long distance treks and climbing some biggish mountains. His passion is for designing adventures that fit around the day job, such as his self-designed trip, Up, Down and Around in the UK Lake District. Now the driving force behind WildBase and providing a platform for individuals to do extraordinary things.



Andrew Weaver

One of life's curious adventurers, Andrew has lived around the world, led adventure tours across the Middle East, hiked around Australia, swum with humpbacks in the Arctic and currently taking on the bike trails around his adopted city of Madrid. With an MBA and 20 years commercial experience, he is committed to creating amazing customer experiences at WildBase.

"I'm inspired by everyone we meet at Wildbase. Their energy and life force could charge a small nation"

Fred 1.jpg


Fred Newton

Fred has got the adventure DNA. A director at Breca Swimrun (crazy people running and swimming), he is also a serial trail runner running the Montane Spine Race in January '21. He recently recorded a fun video about finding different ways to commute to work, which included hitchhiking across central London.

Tom Bennett.JPG

Qualified Mountain Leader and Guide

Tom Bennett

We are delighted to have partnered with Tom for our Broomway trips. Tom is a qualified mountain leader and has extensive experience of The Broomway. He leads all of our trips with a real passion and knowledge of the history and mystery of this enchanting hike. Tom is very much focused on the safety of all participants whilst making it an enjoyable and memorable trip. 


Endurance expert and personal trainer

Marc Trussell

Marc is a specialist in designing and taking on endurance challenges and has completed ultramarathons, a double Ironman distance event, multiple Ironman races, long distance swims as well as 24 hour obstacle course races. Over the past 12 years Marc has become one of the most established fitness coaches in the country and has worked with many people to help them achieve their endurance and fitness goals. And cool fact...Marc's the first and only Spartan Race Perfect Delta holder in the UK and one of only around ten in the world. Marc leads our functional fitness and physical preparation.


Functional fitness and well-being

Claire Grose

Claire's fitness background is in competitive rowing, Pilates, CrossFit and bikini fitness. When not competing, Claire is often found up mountains or somewhere outdoors. She has extensive experience of preparing for competition and adventure as well as supporting others to get to the start line of their chosen sport or endurance event.

Ryan Deamer.jpg

Nutritionist and endurance athlete

Ryan Deamer

Ryan is a qualified nutritionist, personal trainer and endurance athlete in addition to which, he's also a mighty fine cricketer and arch competitor. With a number of triathlons and ultra-marathons to his name, Ryan's got a wealth of practical experience of getting himself and others ready for competition. 

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